What is a responsible advertising partnership?

In an era where several advertising platforms on the web opt for the collection of private user data in order to make programmatic advertising placements, Sook Media is doing it differently.

By offering you the opportunity to collaborate with companies or other content creators directly, you ensure that the ads that are found in your creations are delivered when and how you want them.

You have the responsibility to be aware of the objectives and ethics of the companies with whom you have a partnership.

By accepting advertising partnerships, you are demonstrating that you approve the products and/or services for which you are promoting. This adds a bond of trust and reassures your listeners.

On an environmental level, it is important that you can give your approval before receiving a product to try and review in your production. This avoids waste and unnecessary transport for the delivery of an unwanted package.

How to evaluate the value of your advertising space?

By offering advertising space in your productions, you are able to decide whether you want to integrate advertisements already designed or whether you prefer to produce them yourself.

The method chosen for the distribution of an advertisement will affect the value of your advertising space according to a multitude of criteria.

The workload for the production and integration of an advertisement, while meeting the expectations of your advertisers can very quickly make it difficult to estimate value.

Our estimating tools will guide you to determine the cost that will best meet your needs.

Advertising your way !

As creators in new media, you have the opportunity to share your audience with companies that have similar interests. This allows them to gain visibility while allowing you to have a source of income to finance your achievements!


Some podcast ad platforms automatically insert ads before your content, which may discourage some listeners if the topic does not interest them.

It would therefore be interesting for you to take control and integrate your own ads when and how you want them.

You can always include ads already designed by companies, if you already have commercial breaks planned in your show.

A good approach that may appeal to everyone, including your listeners, is to opt for sponsorships. You will be able to present them whenever you want during the show, without having to break the rhythm of the show.


Video monetization is becoming more and more complex, in addition to the risk of being blocked by ad blockers. This may limit your possible income.

There are a multitude of other ways you could have an advertising partnership in video format. You can do product placement, as you can dedicate an entire video on a sponsored topic.

Be aware that you could opt for sponsorships and display your sponsors' logos in your environment or interface, especially if you are more of a live content creator.

By keeping control of the ads placement, you avoid that ads are displayed at any time in the video against your will. This prevents breaking the rhythm of your content, and could please your audience much more.

Social networks

In order to reach your followers directly, you may have opportunities to do influence marketing.

You should keep in mind that by reaching your audience via social networks, content can be delivered in various formats. Whether it is text, image or video, it requires work, and your time will have to be compensated.

It will be your responsibility to choose the best technique to reach as many people as possible. Don't forget that you risk losing followers if you go overboard, so be vigilant!

Portals and blogs

It is becoming more and more difficult to display programmatic ads on your website without taking the risk that it will be blocked by ad blockers.

Taking control of your advertising space and managing it manually could be a good way to get around the problem.

It may therefore become interesting for you to create sponsored articles to present products and/or services.

It could be just as interesting to simply get a sponsor and display their logo at the end of each of your articles. This will strengthen your partnership ties and you may receive compensation for your publications.

Video games

It is becoming easier and easier to develop a video game on various platforms, but it is still necessary to find ways to make the efforts profitable.

So you can use your creativity to reach your players directly to insert advertising spaces, without disturbing the players.

There are ways to integrate elements of the game into your advertising partner's image just as ads can be played if necessary during loading times.

It's up to you to decide how you can make a difference!

Be transparent with your advertising partners. You'll never have to change anything in the way you do things if they know in advance who you are and what you do.

Opt for authenticity!

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Why use our platform ?

Our tools are designed to improve advertising placement in new media. You have access to a complete infrastructure that will optimize your time by ensuring more than satisfactory results!

You are autonomous

Whether you are an entrepreneur, marketing professional or content creator, easily manage your advertising campaigns in the same place!

You save time

Depending on the search or offer criteria, the system will automatically target your best opportunities at any time with its smart directory.

You are secure

You have access to the complete history of your negotiations and discussions at any time. With the contract and validations, you will avoid misunderstandings.

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