Whether you are alone or a team, several packages are at your disposal to meet your needs.


As soon as you register, all users have this plan free of charge.
This plan meets your needs if you only have a single project of business or content production to manage.


It is necessary to choose the Premium plan if you want to have several users who manage the same project or if you plan to create several projects on the same account.
This plan also gives you the possibility to access the advanced statistical interfaces, to see the evolution of activities on your social networks.
The Premium plan offers you 3 projects for free. Fees will be added if you need to create more.


This package is mainly intended for web marketing professionals who want to manage the project of several customers or for collaborative content creators who want to manage several productions.
Several advanced tools will be available to you, including the ability to create campaigns by grouping several projects.
This package offers you 5 projects for free. Fees will be added if you need to create more.

Professional unlimited

This plan is identical to the previous one, with the difference that you do not have to pay for the creation of additional projects.
Perfect for marketing agencies who have a multitude of clients to manage on the platform.

Comparison of plans

See the benefits of each plan to select the one that meets your needs.

Choose a plan
Professional unlimited
Quantity of projects included

Quantity of companies or content productions that you can add to the platform for free.

1 3 5 Unlimited
Cost per additional project

Additional fees per company or content production if you exceed your free projects limit.

- 3$ 5$ 0$
Quantity of campaigns included

Fee per additional company or content production if you exceed your limit of included project sheets.

1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Service fees

Quantity of campaigns that you will be able to add to the platform to find opportunities according to your own criteria.

10% 3.5% 3.5% 3.5%
Technical support

At any time, you can contact technical assistance, a member of the team will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Manual Estimator access

The manual estimation tool allows you to estimate the value of a project without having to connect all social networks to the platform.

Complete stats

The complete statistics allow you to display and compare your results from the previous days, weeks and/or months available.

Team management

You can assign other users to your companies or content productions to display an overview of the people involved in the project.

Search for collaborators

You will be able to create campaigns in order to collaborate with a person or team that meets your search criteria.

Search or offer of product to try

You will be able to create campaigns to receive or send products to try in order to spread a test review.

Network creation

You can merge multiple businesses or content productions together to create group campaigns.

Acces to internal liaisons

You will be able to see the links you have between your own instances.

Unlimited pages

You can create as many business records or content productions as you want without having to pay extra fees.


0$ /payment_month

9.99$ /payment_month

79.99$ /payment_month

199.99$ /payment_month

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