The Sook Media platform

In order to simplify the implementation of targeted and responsible advertising campaigns in the new media world, the Sook Media platform will meet your needs, from your registration to the success of your advertising campaigns ! Several tools are in place to ensure that procedures run smoothly.

A question of presentation

To describe your company or your content production with transparency, you must first start with the creation of an internal project. With the data entered, the system and users will have the necessary information to understand what your objectives are.

Make your rules

To give more guidance to the system that will look for link opportunities for you automatically, creating an advertising campaign is the way to go. Select the project(s) concerned by your advertising campaign and configure your needs, in order to ensure a better result for the offers that will be offered to you.

Creating responsible partnerships

Our automatic data analysis system will suggest the best links you could have with future partners. The results of the detailed analysis will help you select the ones that interest you the most, to ensure a good performance of your advertising campaigns and to be aware of the places that your ads will be diffused.

Reassuring guidance

As soon as a link is selected by the requester and the receiver, it will fall into negotiation mode. Thanks to our system, you can be assured that the advertising process will run smoothly, from the determination of basic needs to the signing of the contract and its proper execution.

A global vision

Whether it is for your user profile or your projects, it is possible to connect your social networks to it so that the system can remove statistics. You will therefore be able to have an estimate of the value of your services and be able to display the scope of your reach to your future partners.

How it works?

Here are the steps to follow on the Sook Media platform to complete your first advertising agreement.

Step 1 - Creating a user profile

Create your user profile to describe yourself.

Step 2 - Adding a content production or business

Create your production and/or a business project.

Step 3 - Creating a campaign

Create an offer or service search campaign for each project.

Step 4 - Selection of liaison offers

Select the partnership proposals that interest you.

Step 5 - Negotiation

Negotiate a partnership agreement for each liaison.

Step 6 - Contract processing

Follow the processing steps set out in the agreement. Payments are made when necessary.

Step 7 - Satisfaction Report

Complete a report to indicate how the process went with your correspondence.


If the free subscription no longer meets your needs and you want more features, various packages are available to offer you a service adapted to your needs.

These subscriptions will meet your needs if you manage your own project(s) yourself!



Per month

  • Project included : 1
  • Access to technical support
  • Access to the rewards program
  • Business
  • Content production
Subscription +


Per month

  • 3 projects included
  • $3 per additional project
  • Team management
  • Business
  • Content production

These subscriptions will meet your needs if you need to manage several projects for yourself and/or your customers!



Per month

  • 5 projects included
  • $5 per additional project
  • Creation of networks
  • Business
  • Content production
Professional Unlimited


Per month

  • Unlimited projects included
  • $0 per additional project
  • Access to all options
  • Business
  • Content production
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