What is a targeted advertising space?

To ensure that you convert as much of your investment as possible to web advertising, you need to ensure that your ads are delivered to people who may be interested in your offer.

Content targeting is therefore the solution.

By comparing your interests with those of content creators, you can see that by collaborating, you can reach the same audience. This targeting allows you to ensure that the people who consume the creator's creations will be able to demonstrate an interest equivalent to what you are advertising.

What is a responsible advertising partnership?

In an era where several advertising platforms on the web opt for the collection of private user data in order to make programmatic advertising placements, Sook Media is doing it differently.

By offering you the opportunity to collaborate with content creators directly, you ensure that your ads do not end up in places that could harm your image.

You have the responsibility to become aware of the artistic approach of the content creator with whom you partner.

By accepting advertising partnerships, you are demonstrating that you approve of the achievements as they are and that under no circumstances will you impose conditions that could lead to censorship.

On an environmental level, it is important to have the approval of a content creator before sending them a product to try and criticize in their production. This avoids waste and unnecessary transport for the delivery of an unwanted package.

Advertising and new media

New media are all creations that are intended to be distributed on the web. By agreeing to collaborate with content creators, you contribute to the development of their achievements in a field in constant evolution!


Podcasting is a derivative of radio. Its main feature is to offer audio programs (sometimes even video), which can be downloaded and listened to when and where you want!

Choosing to advertise in a podcast means above all knowing that listeners will be totally listening.

It also avoids being censored by an ad blocker, since it will be integrated into the content.

Some podcasters agree to broadcast audio ads for a certain length of time during the episode. However, what you will most often be offered is to become a sponsor. This will allow you to be announced at the beginning and end of each episode.


There are more and more ways to broadcast video on the web, whether by making it available on webcast channels (Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc) or for live or spontaneous broadcasting (Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, etc).

By partnering directly with the videographers in advertising, you offer them the opportunity to integrate advertising into their production at the time and in the way they want it, with great respect for the viewers.

There are a multitude of ways to do video advertising, each of which is to be discussed with the creator since it will affect production and distribution costs.

Choose an ethical advertising placement, and be aware of the working time required to design a video. That time must be rewarded, even if you offer a free service or product.

Social networks

Social networks can reach a lot of people when everything is well executed. However, you have to be aware that sometimes you have to pay the platform to reach even more people, costs that you will have to anticipate by using a content creator.

Using a content creator with a certain popularity on various platforms to market influence may be a solution to reach a target audience directly. Just find someone who can make a publication to show your product and/or service to their fans.

Advertising content on social networks can be done in a variety of ways, such as text, photos, videos. It is up to you and the content creator to decide which technique will be used.

If the publication is a video or an image, be aware it will require time that must be provided to make it happen !

Portals and blogs

Portals and blogs are great sources of information and news for users. Blogs tend to focus on a particular topic, unlike portals, which will have a greater diversity of topics.

Partnering with these editorial sites opens the door for you to have complete articles about your services or products. The main advantage is that by having the information verbatim, people can discover the information through search engines directly.

You can also sponsor items in general, that is, the item by you, your logo will be displayed in the item to indicate that the content was made possible thanks to you.

By collaborating directly with a portal or blog, you greatly limit the chances of being censored by advertising blockers as much as possible.

Video games

An original way to stand out is to create an advertising partnership with video game designers.

It is more and more common for game developers to integrate advertising in order to be able to offer their game for free. However, advertisements can be integrated in an original way into the content to be an integral part of the game.

It is therefore possible to advertise your products and/or services and be noticed in a fun way. These opportunities offer you the opportunity to reach a market that would otherwise have been difficult more difficult to reach market.

And why not take the opportunity to have a game developed entirely about your company?

Authenticity first and foremost!

Before dealing with a content creator, it is best to ensure that your criteria of authenticity do not conflict with your ethics. It is better to accept the artistic approach of the creators, or otherwise to move on to another. Here are the criteria by which content creators must be transparent with you.


It is important to know if the production was created in an educational context. If so, it may change your perception of the other criteria.

Swear words

Swear words could slip into the comments broadcast by the content production.


Vulgarity that is not suitable to everyone could be found in the content.


Mainly for the visual elements, scenes of violence could be shown.


There may be nudity scenes in the production.


Scenes of sexuality could be found in the production.

Don't be afraid to give content creators the freedom to create your advertising in their own way. They know their audience and will be able to reach them!

Opt for creativity!

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