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Whether you manage one or more companies, our automated tools will suggest the best opportunities for responsible advertising space according to the criteria you have configured for your campaigns. This will allow you to enrich your presence in new media and bring you new customers!

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As a content creator, whether you produce videos, photos, podcasts, blogs or even video games, easily manage the available advertising space to be integrated directly into your projects. This will allow you to obtain responsible income sources that will help propel your projects!

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Our tools are designed to improve advertising placement in new media. You have access to a complete infrastructure that will optimize your time by ensuring more than satisfactory results!

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Whether you are an entrepreneur, marketing professional or content creator, easily manage your advertising campaigns in the same place!

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Depending on the search or offer criteria, the system will automatically target your best opportunities at any time with its smart directory.

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You have access to the complete history of your negotiations and discussions at any time. With the contract and validations, you will avoid misunderstandings.

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Soirée des NumérX 2019

Une participation pour une troisième année pour Sook Media !

Plein Potentiel

Le fondateur de Sook Media, Christian Hame, était invité au podcast "Plein Potentiel" pour parler de son parcours professionnel.

Les gagnants du gala de podcasts Les Gaston 2019

Voici la liste des gagnants du gala de podcasts Les Gaston 2019 qui a eu lieu Montréal au Medley Simple Malt le 1er juin 2019.


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