Podcast Day In Valleyfield

This event organized by Danny Lefebvre and Alexandre Bonneau, from the AGO podcast, was a great success for this 2nd edition. The event that took place at La Factrie, café culturel, started at 13:00 and ended around 22:30.

Several podcasts were recorded in front of an audience.

13:00 Geek Collectif
14:15 Putes de lutte with the guest Mathieu Niquette
15:30 Les Amazones
:00 Le petit bonheur with the guest Mathieu Niquette
:15 Jamais Content
:30 Jerr Allain's Whats Up podcast with guests Marc-Antoine Montpetit and Kevin Montreuil (Billy Karaoke)
20:30 Jérémie Larouche with MOUHAHAHA podcast


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